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Feeling Ill? Don’t Move. Have Medicast Bring The Doctor To You



Nothing beats having the doctor come to your house – no venturing outside when you’re not feeling well, no waiting forever in an office… for a thirty second visit. I only know this because I live with a doctor now, but soon, thanks to Medicast, everyone may become reacquainted with the bygone practice of a doctor house call.





Medicast, slated to launch this month, offers health care on demand. Request a doctor online using the application, and a licensed physician will arrive at your doorstep within 2 hours.


House Call

I’m not sure this is the cure all for encouraging stubborn guys like me (a dude who went 10 years without seeing a doctor before my heart was stolen by an expert in heart matters) to seek medical care, but it eliminates a lot of the unpleasant aspects in the current system.





Instead of waiting in an office, which can be cold, uncomfortable, or full of ill people you’d rather not be around – making you wonder why you left home in the first place – you receive attention by going exactly where you want to when you’re feeling down: nowhere. While this might translate most often into staying in bed while you listen for the doorbell, it might also mean a visit at your work office when you refuse to leave the desk for any reason. This service might also work great for travelers uncertain about how to track down care in a strange place and on short notice. Medicast would easily send a doctor to your hotel for example.


Co-founder Sam Zebarjadi likens Medicast to Uber for health care. Patients have access to on demand care wherever they are 24hrs a day. No scheduling hassles, no transit worries, simplified paperwork and billing. Introductory rates will begin at $99 per visit, including examination and prescription.





The Right Treatment

Why would doctors go for this? While it might be a hard pill to swallow, many doctors like going to the patient / doctor factory as much as the average sick individual. Umpteen, impersonal visits per day will burn out even the most enthusiastic care provider. Medicast looks to reintroduce compassionate care and more personal attention into the process.


In theory, Medicast will allow doctors more freedom to manage their schedules, see fewer patients, and conduct more humane appointments – all while potentially running a more lucrative practice.





This Atlanta startup will begin offering service in the South Florida area. As they adapt to different rules and regulations, gain attention (and investors I imagine), look for Medicast to introduce their service in a market near you.


So your physician might not end your appointment by giving you a back rub then cooking dinner, but trust me, it’s a lot less annoying saying “ahh” for the doc when you’re still in your pajamas and the only movement you’ve made involves the buttons on the TV’s remote control. Here’s to hoping Medicast stays healthy.


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