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Media Organizations Find Talent And Delight Audiences With MediaGuestConnect



If you have a story to tell that you dream of sharing on NPR, or an invention perfect for a demonstration on morning television, but don’t have a clue as to how you might be seen or heard, MediaGuestConnect might be the answer for you. The same holds true if you’re a programmer with a great show in mind but lacking the perfect guest.


As you might imagine, MediaGuestConnect (MGC) is an online platform where media organizations and guests connect with one another. MGC provides a convenient meeting place for all interested parties, and offers a broad, accessible community with great potential for expanding audiences.





There’s More To A Media Sensation Than Celebrity

While other talent sites gear toward specific skills, or have qualifying factors (age, work history, etc.–not to mention budget) that restrict membership, MGC stands apart as highly-inclusive. All the following are welcome:


  • Media rookies
  • Repeat guests
  • TV and radio stations
  • Publishers, publicity firms, and other media organizations
  • Speakers and speaking agencies


Founder Carmen Carrozza knows that media outlets are always eager to find new voices. He hosts the Forward Motion program on AM 1490 WGCH. He’s also the President of Carrozza Associates Coaching and Training, providing business and life coaching services in the greater New York City area for close to four and a half years. Carrozza first became an expert in management, recruiting, and team building while working more than fifteen years in the retail banking industry.


MGC simplifies the search for finding the right people. Look for guests by name, location, category, or appearance fee. Find the appropriate media outlet for your needs by typing in the program listing, format, audience age, or medium. So far, the community has become home to the likes of motivational speakers, health and wellness experts, business consultants, real estate coaches and experts, radio and Internet radio shows.





Joining The Community

Basic membership to MediaGuestConnect is free for both media and guests. The free package includes a profile for sharing credentials, available throughout the community, and permits database searches. Guests may upload one audio track, and will appreciate the free advertising of their skills, products, or services.


Members who upgrade to an academy membership ($19.95 monthly, $49.95 for 3 months, or $199.50 annually) become a featured guest on the homepage. Their profiles accommodate up to 3 audio tracks in addition to clips from interviews, presentations or videos. Academy members may also sell merchandise–books, CDs, DVDs, webinars–and share videos through the MGC YouTube Channel. Think clean, streamlined, yet multidimensional LinkedIn.





MediaGuestConnect has a clear mission and an easy-to-navigate website that is well-suited to its purposes. Quick and uncomplicated access to members makes this community a hospitable meting place. Of course, the size of the network will play a large role in determining value for users, and the young venture has plenty of room to grow. Step up to the microphone and be heard.


Beside visiting the website, you can find MediaGuestConnect on Facebook and Twitter.


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