The Story Behind Mark Sear’s Cloud Labor Assembly Line, CloudFactory

I had the pleasure to sit down and learn of the unique story of CloudFactory Founder and CEO, Mark Sears! He has taken a journey unlike most US entrepreneurs, as he works to impact the world.






Mark and his wife went to Nepal for a 2 week vacation and things just kind of happened he says. Four years later, they are still there. He says that they have a strong social mission of connecting 1 million people to basic computer in developing nations, while raising them up as leaders to fight poverty in their own communities.






CloudFactory has just raised a $500K seed round from a US investment fund, and have 3 families in the process of moving from US/Canada to Nepal to join their leadership team. Right now their focus is on getting good traction from early clients, building virtual assembly lines, and using their talented and motivated workforce in developing countries.



Sit down with us and watch Mark describe in full detail of their journey and how they are actually helping change the world for better!


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