Trying To Manage Your Money Better This Year? Expense Sheet Tracker Will Help You Do It


So, every year I tell myself that I’m going to be more financially responsible, pay my bills on time, keep track of everything I spend… that sort of stuff. But, as I’ve mentioned many times before, my flippant attitude towards finances makes this New Year’s resolution challenging. Luckily for me, and anyone who wants to manage their finances better, there’s Expense Sheet Tracker.





Manage Your Money

Expense Sheet Tracker is the cloud-based software that helps you easily keep track of all your expenses and receipts. The site wants you to forget the spreadsheet you were about to use (ahem, Office) and check out the incredible features that are rich and customizable, easy to use and learn.


Expense Sheet Tracker Features


1. Dashboard

The dashboard gives you a snapshot of what’s import with your expenses. You can view your most recently added expenses including links, your past month expenses chart with budgeted amounts. You can download all these charts, and of course, add new expenses. Check out an overview video on the Expense Sheet Tracker dashboard here.





2. Expense Management

The expenses is feature-rich and intuitive and allows you to save all your drafts before you submit them. automatically create vendors, track foreign currency amounts that have auto conversion from real-time rates. Expense categories are customizable and there is flexible expense categories.  Here’s another handy how-to video showing you how to add and manage expenses.


3. Reporting

You can export and/or print all your expense reports as well by either printing or saving PDF-style, or export your expenses to a spreadsheet .csv format. You’re even able to filter your results to create reports by Category, Vendor, Status, User, etc.


4. Categories, Budgets, and Tax

Guess what? All your expense categories are fully customizable. You can create a budget for each user, by category, in any currency (which is good for world travelers like me). And, best of all, especially at this time of year, you can create custom tax rates. And, yet another video to explain how to set up categories, budgets and tax rates.





This is just scratching the surface of all the awesome features of Expense Sheet Tracker. Check out the site’s product tour to get the full monty, explainer videos and all.


Coming Soon – Mobile Tracker App

Very soon you’ll be able to add expenses and upload pics of your receipts with Expense Sheet Tracker’s mobile app. Mobile money management on the go. Very useful, indeed.


I’m a big fan of any app that’s going to help me manage my life better- whether it be health, time or finances. Expense Sheet Tracker is one such app with rich features that will help you be the financially responsible person you’ve always wanted to be (this is what I keep telling myself). Create a free account and start managing your money (better) today.


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