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My girlfriend and I have a running disagreement as to whether I have any style at all. My tastes are all over the map, so I tend to argue that I don’t have any style. She insists that I do, and I usually let the conversation drop before there’s a danger of convincing her that I’m just a plain, boring dude. Hmm, I may have to do some rethinking. I may just be a Man of Many…





Man of Many is a curated platform of men’s products, gear, gadgets, technology, and style. On the surface, this sounds awfully familiar and pedestrian. I was rather unenthusiastic when I first started perusing the collections. But my indifference burned off quickly as I immediately found a number of items I wouldn’t mind owning.


I was attracted instantly to the Now&Then Eco-Essential Pen. There’s no hiding the fact that I write, and I love cool writing instruments. This pen might not settle any style debates, but it alerted me to a keen eye for useful and captivating objects at work behind the website. I’ve been a complete slacker when it comes to riding a bike the last couple years, but the Rizoma 77|011 Bicycle made me genuinely eager to go for a pedal again.





The more I looked around, the more I realized that style has a lot less to do with eye-popping elements than it does with wearing the clothes and using the goods that have a comfortable feel to them. Things that let you be you – style that feels so natural, it hides the style. Can’t say I’m too upset that my girlfriend’s going to win the next round of our discussion.





Man of Many is co-founded and curated by Scott Purcell and Frank Arthur. They add items to their collections that demonstrate good design, functional elements, and that leave a lasting impression. Their philosophy is to “help any modern gentleman stand out from the crowd and remain committed to sourcing products of quality.”





Collections at Man of Many are organized by the following categories:

  • Tech
  • Style
  • Rides
  • Lifestyle
  • Home
  • Outdoor
  • Entertainment


Man of Many is based in Sydney, Australia. Give them a look, mates, to distinguish yourself with similar unassuming style. Find everything from a Philips Golite to beat the winter blues, a trusty duffel bag, your own “Butler” to keep your smartphone and on-the-go-items handy, killer televisions and more. Find Man of Many on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, or visit the website here.







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