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Forget Photoshop! Meme Center Has Everything You Need To Create Hilarious Memes



Who doesn’t love a good meme? I mean, I’m sure someone out there doesn’t and, to be honest, I’ve definitely seen a few that made me want to either roll my eyes or scratch them out but, in general, memes are great for a quick chuckle when you’re taking a break from work and “glancing” at Facebook while hoping your boss doesn’t notice.




(Okay, can we just stop for a quick minute and address something? The pronunciation of meme continues to confound me, despite this YouTube video, which sounds vaguely British to me. Meem? Is that right? Whatever, it’s a word I usually only type anyway…)


If the photo your friend just posted on Facebook is totally meme-able but you’re not a graphic designer or someone else with a career that requires professional photo editing, I’ve got the perfect website for all of your meme making needs: Meme Center.





Who needs Photoshop?

Equipped with Photoshop-like tools, MemeCenter is your one-stop shop for both consuming and creating awesome, trend-following memes. On the creation side of things, the site provides you with templates of popular memes so you can be wittier than everyone else on your newsfeed. You also have the option of uploading your own photos and doing whatever you want to them.


Confession? I’m not so great at this photo-altering thing, so the simple tools ended up being the best ones for me. The extent of my skills in this department is limited to adding funny captions to photos of my friends and family, but there are some people who make totally, totally awesome images with these tools.





Hot ladies to hilarious comics, all in one place!

For example, in the Hall of Fame section, you can find amazing alterations that turn photos of beautiful women into beautiful illustrations, comic strips that by all intents and purposes should be too long but somehow keep you reading because they’re hilarious, and popular memes that are just better than most of the other ones you’ve seen.





On the landing page itself there’s a constant stream of new memes as they’re being created, so you’re never lacking LOL-worthy material. Some of them are just okay (you can bet that there are a lot of 13 year old boys using the site, right?) but I definitely caught more than one worried side glance from the other people in my coworking space when I burst out laughing, seemingly out of nowhere.





King of Time-Wasters

Researching this article was definitely one of the more fun assignments I’ve had in awhile and that is probably, for me at least, the biggest selling point of MemeCenter. The time wasting factor is impressive: it’s like a hilarious vortex that sucks you into the world of silly images and before you know it you’re still sitting in front of your computer at 8 pm, having done nothing substantial that day.


Unless what you were supposed to do was research a meme making website. In that case, you’re golden.


Find Meme Center

You can find Meme Center at, on Facebook, Twitter, and tumblr.


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