Make Money The Easy Way With SocialDoe Blogging Tools

At last count, there were about 898,765 options for blogging. Okay, so that number may or may not have been pulled from the Official Emma Bullshit Statistics database, but you get the idea: there are a multitude of options out there for anyone and everyone interested in having their own blog.


People blog for reasons as varied as Lady Gaga’s costume changes, right? Some people want to talk about how their pet pug is better than anyone else’s, some people blog to pull more business to their site, some people blog about travel, food, sex. People like talking about themselves and about the things they care about, which means that the blogosphere is a large and potentially very lucrative market.



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Another thing people want is to make money – the easier the better – and blogs can be a great source of extra income for any blogger – if they know how to do it right.


While figuring out how to make cash from your blog isn’t the techiest task out there, for someone with limited knowledge of how the complicated ecosystems of the internet work, it can seem virtually insurmountable. Luckily for those not so savvy folks, there are blogging tools like SocialDoe, which walk you step by step through the whole money making blog process.



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Blogging + Social Media = Cash In Your Pocket

SocialDoe provides you with a platform to post about whatever it is that really turns your crank. Once you’ve decided on a subject matter, SocialDoe leaves the posting up to you. You can use images, videos, links, or whatever else you think your audience may be interested in.


The format of the blogs looks a bit like Pinterest, with each post showing up on the landing page in a “tile” format. You can publish your posts as you create them or schedule them ahead of time for maximum impact.


But how do I make the money?

The old-fashioned way: through ad clicks. The site has a 80/20 set up, so you get 80% of whatever’s earned from each click.


The thing that sets SocialDoe apart from all the other sites, however, is its seamless integration with your social networks. Social media management tools are essential because, the truth of the matter is, your blog isn’t going to earn any money from any ad clicks as long as no one knows about it. Social networks get it out there into the world, pulling in potential readers, who are also potential ad-clickers.






SocialDoe also provides you with a whole user panel on which you can track your blog posts and your earnings, keeping track of everything you’ve got going on. It’s a great tool for any beginner in the blogging for cash scene.


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