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A Transparent Plan: Make Money With Google Glass

When is it coming? Who will use it? How will it be used? Will the race to mobile switch lanes to eyewear once it catches on? For all the unknowns concerning Google Glass, one thing is certain – figure out how to put it to good use, and you will make a lot of money. Though accessibility is a limiting factor currently, opportunity still abounds.



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No Way To Lose

Suppose Google Glass never becomes more than a toy for the ultra-exclusive, that users eventually prove worthy of wearing the preemptive pejorative: “glasshole.” This would still mean that a lot of very wealthy people will be eager to use Glass in innovative and useful fashion. They’ll be dressed to impress and want to spend wearing Glass. And if things unfold differently, and everyone wants a pair with the same gusto as they want a smartphone now…


Figure Out A Way To Make Money

Maybe it takes a fancy plan to envision how to make money with Google Glass. That’s exactly what Fancy has done. Known to some as the Pinterest of shopping, is an online marketplace where people can “discover, collect, and buy” things from a crowd-curated catalog as well as a store. Items lean toward the fashionable, so it makes sense that the company would look to stay ahead of the curve and partner with Glass.




You have to admire the audacity of the company even before taking Glass into account. Founded by Joseph Einhorn, Fancy has already raised $78 million in funding in its first four years, investors include celebrities like Will Smith and commercial giants such as American Express. Supporters include the likes of Jack Dorsey (co-founder and co-creator of Twitter), who sits on the board.


In addition to positioning themselves well in the social e-commerce space, they’ve adapted aggressively – adding subscription box services, creating the “Fancy it” Chrome browser plugin, and making same-day delivery service available first in NYC and now in over 100 cities.


Fancy’s Google Glass app takes pictures of objects and finds matching or related items online, purchasable through Fancy with just a few taps of the Glass frame. This no longer futuristic shopping experience has made Glass (according to The Verge) the first company to actually make money with Glass.


Check out this video to see Fancy for Google Glass in action:


Fancy Glassware from Fancy on Vimeo.


Check out the Google Mirror API Terms of Service if you’re thinking about developing a compatible app for the wearable device. Come up with your own fancy package and watch the amount in your bank account skyrocket literally right before their eyes.


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Author : Keith Liles

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