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How To Snag The Big Money In Big Data

Too often the abuses of data collecting grab the headlines. The theft of personal information also steals the spotlight from companies that use data smartly – connecting us in new ways and saving us heaps of money.



Software company Lucid ( recently announced completing an $8M funding round, bringing their total funding to date up to $9.5 million. New funding will help to grow the team and continue developing their products BuildingOS and Building Dashboard, which aggregate information pertaining to energy use and helps users meet their energy goals.




Energy monitoring tools have proliferated, but unlocking the big data that has been kept isolated (by expense and proprietary systems) – and combining statistics usefully – is a real accomplishment.


Connected Buildings

Most of us aren’t great at managing numbers or visualizing the stories that they tell us. This may explain in part why we’ve been content to leave energy information in the hands of engineers in the past. Lucid is changing this reality, however, building dashboards that make sense to a greater variety of personnel. Their cloud technology helps connect data from multiple businesses or buildings, so that it’s easier to compare and analyze information.




Lucid’s software gathers and presents energy, water, and gas usage information from over 150 systems and devices. This is impressive in its own right. Let’s hope that what we do with such new tools proves equally commendable.


Think of the average, office weight-loss competition. Lucid allows for similar energy efficiency campaigns – encouraging better behavior and practices that lead to big savings.


Energy Efficient Cities

Last February, the mayor of Washington, D.C., announced partnering with Lucid to connect energy information from 180 buildings as part of an effort to reduce consumption by 20% in 20 months. For organizations, cities, and concerned citizens, this points to a powerful new means to conserve energy and trim budgets.


Lucid Co-founder and CEO Vladi Shunturov adds, “Large portfolio owners like the D.C. government need software tools to meet their aggressive efficiency targets. More eyes on energy information — facility managers, teachers, students, other building occupants – help drive action and tangible energy savings.”



CEO of Lucid, Vladi Shunturov


As mentioned earlier, numbers escape us unless they’re kept visible and give us tangible information. The national debt total is hard to imagine until you see the numerals ticking upward near Times Square in New York. Lucid promises to perform a great service by showing us where our energy use comes from and how we can reduce waste.


Lucid has already signed up over 400 customers including the likes of Google, Disney, PNC Bank and the University of California. Visit to learn more or find the company on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.


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