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Explore The Outdoors And Share Journeys On The LiveTrails Virtual Notice Board

The great outdoors is a source of inspiration to many – adventurers, photographers, travelers, campers, storytellers, hikers and more. Trails connect people to their surroundings and to others who share an appreciation for life beyond society’s cozy confines.



LiveTrails founder Ahmad Wasfi on Mt. Webb

LiveTrails founder Ahmad Wasfi on Mt. Webb


It’s only natural that trail lovers have a social network to compliment their explorations and to share information with one another – a site such as LiveTrails. LiveTrails is a virtual notice board for trails, a location-based social network that makes it easier for people to discover and share outdoor adventures.


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Though trail information exists on websites and in books and on maps, there’s no go-to-source for different types of excursions or for the spontaneous walk. LiveTrails collects details in a convenient, easy-to-search location. Members can quickly learn information including but not limited to the following: if a trail allows animals, if camping is possible, distances covered, elevation changes, scenic viewpoints, if there are picnic facilities.




The problem with guidebooks is that they can’t offer real-time information, which is vital to helping trailblazers prepare for changing conditions accordingly. LiveTrails provides a place where it’s easy to find weather updates, trail descriptions, tips, photos, videos and more.


Even if a trekker manages to come across information before embarking on a trail, it’s still often difficult to gain a true sense of what a trail really has to offer. One person’s moderate decline is another’s descent into hell, one person’s two-hour loop is another’s backcountry odyssey. With recent photos and personal entries from trail members, it’s much easier to choose an appropriate trail to explore.


The Real-time Ranger

It’s hard to believe that park services are going to see a flood of funding anytime soon. With rangers spread thin, it’s likely fellow outdoorsmen will serve as an ever more important resource for reporting on and updating trail information. Here, the Internet is an efficient tool for gathering the best knowledge available. The smartphone already works like a modern Swiss Army knife, and, as GPS carries further and further into the wilderness, LiveTrails could become a true life saver (the plan is to release an Android app soon).




Founder Ahmad Wasfi was inspired to build LiveTrails by his hikes in British Columbia. He wanted to share his passion for nature and to be able to better explore his new country (Wasfi moved from Iraq fifteen years ago). After getting lost on one trek and experiencing hypothermia, he devoted himself to making it easier for others to locate real-time trail information.


Enjoying the outdoors is the heart of the LiveTrails venture. Wasfi adds, “I think the first step to conserve nature is to get outside and enjoy it.” Record your hikes, share your experiences, and connect with other like-minded hikers by visiting Stay up on the startup’s latest news by following the company on Twitter.


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Author : Keith Liles

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