Share Interesting Links In One Click With Linker

Now that most everything has been “disrupted,” the buzzword of the year is “efficiency.” It seems that the startup founder belief that their time is their most valuable asset has let them to make everything from catching a cab to washing your clothing to sending a Tweet more efficient in our quest for the most convenient life possible.


Adding to the arsenal of tools promoting convenience is Linker, a Google Chrome extension that helps you share links with your friends with one click. No more choosing which messenger to use. (Email? Facebook? Twitter? Text? AIM?) Just click the extension and you’re done.




How it works.

Once you download the extension, a little widget will appear at the top of your screen, next to the site’s URL. If you happen upon something while you’re browsing the web that makes you think “My bestie would LOVE this!” you click on the widget and it’s immediately sent to your friend’s browser.


Even if your buddy isn’t currently online, Linker will let you know when they eventually open the link, which is obviously a prompt to bother them about what they thought of your thought-provoking link via gchat or whatever your messenger of choice happens to be.


linker how it works

Storing all your stuff.

Linker requires you to enter the contact info of your friends only once, storing it up for later linking fun. It also stores all of the links you ever send as well as the ones sent to you so that when the inevitable “Where did I read that again?” moment happens, you know exactly where to find the answer.


If your friends don’t want to open your links in their browser or maybe just want to save them for later, they can change their settings so that they’re all sent to directly to their email, rendering them accessible from anywhere and on any device.


linker logo


Speaking of devices…

While Linker is currently only available for Chrome, the founders assure me that they’re hard at work on versions for Firefox, Internet Explorer, Android, and iOs. (In the meantime, you all should really be on Chrome by this point anyway so… Just sayin.’)


So if you’re all about efficiency and/or are like me and spend too much time online every day, Linker may be your new favorite efficiency tool. In the age of “there’s an app for everything,” who has time to copy and paste, anyway?


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