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Linkdex: Where Better Data Gets Better Results

It seems like everybody is going organic these days. This idea of going organic isn’t just for soccer moms in grocery stores anymore, business leaders are finding that getting organic web traffic can make or break customer outreach efforts. Linkdex has spent the past three years working with industry leaders developing the tools and strategies needed to get noticed in an overcrowded and hyper-competitive market. They have grown into one of the leading SaaS platforms by developing tools that merge content, search, social and PR channels into a vehicle for optimizing organic media campaigns.



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The key to Linkdex’s success is data. The temptation would be to call it Linkdex’s data, but more precisely the data being generated is so customized that calling it anything other than their clients’ data would be inaccurate. Obviously good data is the main resource needed in creating effective strategies, but what makes the data Linkdex produces different? Despite running the risk of sounding like a description for a natural food-store, I’m going to say the difference is found in the holistic approach they take in collecting and presenting nuanced sets of data to their clients. A few of the factors that go into to the information they present are:


  • Content
  • Contacts
  • Authors
  • Social Networks
  • Geo Ranking
  • Analytics

A solid example of this would be the way Linkdex can generate huge lists of authors and trend setters for specific industries and rank them based on influence. Not only do they provide a comprehensive list, but they also include tools that help their clients manage and build relationships with this new found contact jackpot. Ok so Linkdex is already obliterating that intern you were thinking of bringing on board to troll Google and Twitter for potential networking candidates, but what makes them standout from their professional competition?


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If you think generating industry insight is something a member of your team can do casually on the side in addition their normal workload, let’s look at another example from the folks at Linkdex. In addition to providing lists of influential leaders, the platform Linkdex provides allows clients to tap into geo ranking down to individual zip codes. Geo ranking results enables Linkdex’s clients to compare information and come up with strategies that are location specific and competent for the communities being targeted.


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SaaS that is as “on target” as it is “on demand”

SaaS is a delivery model that is characterized by its “on demand” capacity. In addition to being super accessible, Linkdex is loaded with tools that can help brands and agencies identify and generate the type of content that will bring in business. In reality the platform utilizes an immense set of sophisticated analytics and devices to deliver simple and effective results.


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Linkdex has individualized tools sets geared towards two general demographics – marketers looking to optimize content and PR folks aiming to influence people and publishers.

Products for marketers

  • Content 360 – Helps clients increase value and efficiency of their content
  • Organic Visibility – Location specific data put to use to draw in visitors
  • Writer’s Desktop – Manage, create, and edit site content
  • Reporting – Widgets that let clients share reports both in-company and with their client-base
  • Content Market Place – Helps grow and foster top-notch content
  • Annotated Charts – Extracts and contextualizes raw data into something usable and empowering


Products to help with PR

  • Publishers – Provides thorough lists of websites that publish relevant content. Lists can be categorized to streamline outreach.
  • Topical Authors – Helps identify the professionals that generate the most relevant content for the project at hand.
  • Networks – Lets clients turn a small group of industry VIP’s into a functional and tappable network of hundreds
  • Network Visualization – This strategizing game changer maps out intricate social networks into a more digestible visual.
  • Contacts – Tidies up the list of people you already, while helping you “discover” people you should know.
  • Campaign Outreach – Optimize outreach strategies and get data to measure performance.


SEO wins awards but their method wins customers

This dynamic approach to helping companies increase their online visibility has resulted in some noteworthy (not to mention international) recognition. Linkdex has recently received awards for Best SEO Software in both The US and The UK Search Awards. There’s no doubt that SEO is a huge component of the company’s service and subsequent success, but zooming out a bit it becomes clear to see that they achieve this through focusing on promoting the quality of their clients’ content as much as they do their visibility. This focus on quality paired with “the world’s largest and most intelligent backlink data” wins prizes, but also has a proven track record for delivering results.


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Author : Adam Corl

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