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Life Hack Of The Week: Insightly CRM Tool That Will Save Your Sanity

Ever feel like streamlining your life is just one good email organization session away? Like, all your company needs is a thorough spring cleaning of inboxes and spreadsheets. It’s incredible how quickly information can build up, but at a certain point, the company’s growth won’t be sustainable unless you get something to help you manage the barrage of clients and projects.



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Project management is the name of the game, and there are a boat load of apps and platforms out there claiming to be the golden ticket to staying on top of your stuff. An informal pole of some of my startup peeps resulted in the majority of them saying that their lives have been made infinitely easier (not to mention more productive) by a nifty cloud based CRM platform called Insightly.


Emphasis on the management part of CRM

The defining strength of Insightly is really that it is as much a project management tool as it is CRM platform. It integrates itself easily into your company’s infrastructure (it actually started out as a Google app) all you have to do is enter your browser and email and bam you’re on your way to being able to breath again.


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This mix of project management and CRM translates into being able to track and organize:


  • Customer transactions
  • Client interactions (because seriously who likes losing potential customers)
  • Leads
  • Projects
  • Proposals
  • Email
  • Contacts (which can be imported from places like Outlook, Linkedin, CSV, and Sage Act!)


All of this is available on demand, and accessible by you and your team from any device whenever it’s needed. This plethora of money making material is also very easy to share with other users, but offers very legit security components so information is only seen by the people you want it to be seen by.


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Bring it in people

The other huge perk of having a tool like this in your arsenal is the ability it gives you to link people and projects together. This is even more true if your team uses Google docs and calendar, but even without those you are able to assign and link team members together with projects and specific clients.


Pricing is pretty badass too, with both “freemium” subscription services available. Prices start at $7 a month if paid annually and $9 if paying month to month is more your thing. The Freemium option is available for up to three users and to 200 mb of data storage and up to 2,500 contacts. The other pricing options come with perks like being able to link mail chimp into the mix of integrated apps.


Whether you’re looking for a better view of what is happening on a macro level, or you are looking for more control over some of the finer details of your CRM – Insightly offers a customizable structure that lets you bring people and projects together. Who knew the price of collaboration would be so fair?


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Author : Adam Corl

Adam Corl is a New England native with a passion for sarcasm, wine that tastes expensive, and keeping his parents questioning his life choices. This combined with a keen interest in organizational behavior and social science research has lead him to fund his nomadic lifestyle through freelance writing and research endeavors. When he is not writing about bootstrapping magic and project management tools you can find his stuff at The Bubble, where he is a staff writer.

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