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Make A Statement With Lew & Huey Watches

Back in the day, everyone used watches because they needed them to tell the time. (Obviously.) These days, everyone has the time on their phone and watches have become more of a statement piece than a necessity. Men especially should consider rocking a nice watch when they’re looking to up their looks; there are, after all, fewer options for accessories for men.





Finding a good watch, however, can be a challenge. There are plenty of watches out there that are poorly made – cheap, flashy things that fall apart after only a couple of days out of the box. Then there’s the opposite end of the spectrum – watches that cost you the arm you’re planning on wearing it on that may or may not live up the hype.


People looking for an alternative should check out Lew & Huey, a watch company that prioritizes both originality and affordability. Branding themselves as “a timepiece that doesn’t require you to make sacrifices – or apologies,” Lew & Huey has customizable details, so that you can be sure the watch you’re buying is exactly the watch you’re supposed to have.


Lew & Huey also offers a range of styles, depending on your personal look. They’ve got classics for the old school, Don Draper types, sporty ones for the snowboarders and deep sea divers, and accessories that include watch bands that can be worn as bracelets and exclusive t-shirts.


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They also have a range of prices, starting at $400 and under and going up to $500 and higher, all of which is lower than the super high prices of some luxury watch companies.


And for folks who haven’t ever bought a high end watch, the site also offers a rundown of what to look for when you’re in the market. They break it down to the materials the watch is made of – which metals, how they’re finished, what coatings you should look for, and which glasses make the best displays. They also talk about how the inner parts of the watch should move, giving users all the information they need to make the most informed purchasing decision.


So yeah, I know you have you phone for telling time – we all do at this point. But if you’re looking for an interesting, stand out accessory? Check out Lew & Huey watches.


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Author : Roger Hollings

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