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Translate Your Success Into Any Language

With translations, the right word is often the wrong word. Though technically correct, grammatically correct – without expert help to turn natural sounding phrases into their proper equivalent in another language, words fail. And businesses and people along with them.



Legal Translation Group understands all the pitfalls, and provides translation services that safely navigate away from all the traps. Founders Daniel Wohlstein and Michelle Birch bring over 18 years of experience in international business and translation services to this new venture. The business partners have also successfully co-created Global Education Group, a foreign credential evaluation and translation firm.


The language advantage

Compared with other companies in the translation field, Legal Translation Group offers an impressive array of services that includes translating both documents and website content, typesetting, desktop publishing, transcriptions and interpretations, voice overs and subtitling. In any language!



LTG landing



According to the website, ““We specialize in large-scale, legal and technical content translation and will take on any size project, big or small. Contracts, legal and research documentation, websites, media and marketing packages to name a few.”


There are numerous translation services available online, but it’s often difficult to gauge the talents of the people available for hire. With Legal Translation Group, you know you’re working with vetted professionals, so you can contract with greater confidence.


Another appealing aspect of the company is that the buyer isn’t at the mercy of a lone individual. Legal Translation Group has a global team of translators, interpreters, linguists and researchers at their disposal. Having a team means that each project goes to the most qualified individuals. This is a smart business model in a fractured and diverse field, and gives the buyer even more peace of mind.


Breaking down barriers

Businesses understandably want their websites and content to translate across global markets. This requires adjusting branding so that it sounds natural in different languages. And the Internet is full of bad translations, earnest but flawed efforts.






In the case of translation, you can blame a person for trying. Bad translations draw all the wrong attention to a business. They scream “unprofessional” and undermine consumer confidence in services. With Legal Translation Services, an expert crew will get the job done right.


An End to nightmares

As people move around the globe, the demand for translated documents will only continue to escalate. Legal Translation Services has a specialized staff that can handle all kinds of legal documents. Proper translations save money, time, and grief.


If you have any familiarity with immigrating to another country, you know that the journey is never smooth. Something is always missing. Something needs to be translated quickly. Meeting deadlines and producing error-free documents are essential. Skilled help reduces the pain of these time-consuming, tedious, and expensive processes.


Do you need translation services? If you’re trying to expand your business into foreign markets, you do. Contact Legal Translation Group and receive an immediate quote for all your translation projects.


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