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Launch Your Subscription Service Website
For $10 In 2 Minutes At Peakium Spaces

You’re not alone. You’ve been looking at subscription service startups like Craft Coffee, Mistobox, Citizen Bean, Tonx, Regular Coffee Company and kicking yourself for not being in the game. They have nothing over you except that they’ve already established their online business. You’ve got your own concept, your own coffee beans, only… you’re not a tech expert and you’re not sitting on a pile of cash. So, you’re out of luck, right?



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Wrong. Startup Peakium Spaces looks to make it as easy as possible to set up your own subscription service website without breaking the bank for a team of development professionals. Whatever obstacles have obstructed your path to becoming an online entrepreneur, Peakium Spaces is clearing out of the way.


You’re Not A Web Guru

With Peakium Spaces you only need to be able to drag and drop to build your subscription service portal. Peakium Spaces takes care of web hosting, makes design simple, provides analytics, and allows you to establish your delivery service as you see fit: all the fundamental pieces that you need to begin and to start growing your online business.




You create the platform that you want without hassle. It doesn’t matter if you want to collect monthly donations for a nonprofit, deliver supplies or novelty gifts, provide curated specialty boxes – Peakium Spaces supports each endeavor. The $10 signup fee means that you can afford to risk testing an idea. If it doesn’t work, you move on. If you need to change the service or pivot while growing, you have no technical resistance and the financial freedom to do so. What’s more, you can manage multiple services in one place.


You Can’t Predict The Future

This is all you need to bring your ideas to market. If you decide to upgrade to a more sophisticated website down the road, Peakium Spaces allows you to adapt without trouble. Other advantages of building your subscription service with Peakium Spaces include the ability to control physical and digital delivery of products, function across all devices, and accept payments using multiple methods.




Devotees of the lean startup model should delight. The all-in-one solution, low-cost approach favors the business owner who otherwise might not have the resources to grow. Adapting to different mobile platforms can cost a fortune for example. Tinkering with payment collection can disrupt service or run up costs. By keeping things simple and flexible at the outset, will is the only limitation a startup founder must overcome to lift a subscription service off the ground.




Peakium Spaces is the creation of Kasper Christensen, a front-end developer and web designer in Copenhagen, Denmark. The startup is one of many projects under the roof of Dream Conception, which houses solutions for customer live chats, worldwide rentals, and employee productivity measurement, among others. Help them beta test. And start selling online from your Peakium spaces here!


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