KS Life Hacks: SmartSheet Gets People On The Same Page (Or Spreadsheet)

Getting people on the same page, whether in the literal or figurative sense, is HARD. So is choosing a project management tool. Some of the project management products on the market are fantastic, but expensive, and might have more bells and whistles than your team actually needs. Others are so stripped down that you will find yourself filling in the deficits with Google Docs and literal post-it notes. The search for the right tool can quickly turn into something out of Goldilocks if the right amount of forethought and self assessment don’t go into it first.




If you reach the conclusion that your company or project is of the medium sized variety, then you may want to consider SmartSheet. Based on a familiar looking spreadsheet, SmartSheet lets users customize the way they want to manage their list of projects, and then makes this list super easy to share with an entire team. This way you can be sure that your team has access to the same information and gets notified when any changes occur.


Screenshot at May 09 10-38-49


Cue coordination

A nice set of features lets coordination and information flow at a stead clip. One of the best solutions SmartSheet has for the previously mentioned Goldilocks syndrome is its scalability. On top of controlling how large and involved the sheet gets, you also get to decide who sees and edits the spreadsheet/task list. Along with all that there are some nifty features like:


  • The ability to copy emails directly onto a row
  • Add and track discussions for each row
  • Track changes and activity
  • Set reminders for key dates


You can also chose how you want to view your information too. SmartSheet’s content can be seen as a spreadsheet, a calendar, or an interactive timeline. This flexibility extends to being able to put your own logo and colors into the visuals.


Screenshot at May 09 10-38-31


Not a tough cell

Speaking of customizing content, these guys have functionality down to the cellular level. Their cells work for their users thanks to their report, web forms, cell linking, and formula functions. Definitely worth taking for a spin.


Pricing is really flexible and completely contingent on how users opt to utilize the service. Bad news is that it can make pricing a little obtuse, but good news is that it users only pay for what they use (when they use it). You can opt for a 30 day free trial. Plans start at $14 dollars a month if paid for yearly, and go up to $39 a month (also for the year) for more comprehensive service. If you fall completely in love with SmartSheet or have a massive set of tasks at hand then you can look into their “enterprise” packages which comes along with a specialized set of price.


Go forth and get organized!


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