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Make Sure Your Company Is Getting Maximum ROI

kristine-steuartWhat happens when a pair of ambitious, hardworking identical twins combine their love of tech and advertising? Allocadia, the one stop shop for companies and people looking to manage and track their budgets, marketing plans, and ROI.



KillerStartups caught up with CEO and co-founder Kristine Steuart to talk about why Allocadia is the best out there, her best productivity and fundraising tips for other startups, and the tools she just can’t live without. Check it.


What does Allocadia do?

We help CMOs, marketing teams and financial stakeholders manage their budgets and marketing plans and track their ROI, so that they can re-allocate their spend to high-performing programs. Our cloud-based solutions replace clunky spreadsheets and help marketers understand and report on marketing performance. We get all of the data in one place by connecting financial, marketing automation and customer relationship management tools. With Allocadia, marketers and leaders have real-time transparency into what’s being spent and what results are coming in.


Who is Allocadia for?

Allocadia is designed for CMOs, marketing teams, CFOs and financial teams and company leaders. We work with more than 100 global customers including Juniper Networks, StepStone, Trimble and VMware.


What makes Allocadia better than the competition?

Allocadia is building a brand-new category in the industry: Marketing Performance Management. Other marketing tools are designed for project management or specific marketing activities. Our cloud-based solution is specifically designed to improve marketing budgeting, planning and forecasting. There’s nothing else like Allocadia in the market today.


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What’s your favorite productivity hack?

I colour-code my calendar. Important meetings with customers or partners or investors are red. Off-site meetings or visitors are green. Internal meetings are blue. Every day, I spend time prioritizing my to-do list and working on the most important things first.


What’s your best fundraising or bootstrapping tip for startups?

As a founder, it’s up to you to keep momentum going. Every action you do early on has an impact on the business — and every inaction does, too. As an entrepreneur, you have no option but to be completely self-motivated. You are the driving force. When you hit a setback, you have to stay motivated and grounded, and keep moving forward.


Any other advice for entrepreneurs?

Be very specific about the type of people you bring into your business. People are everything in your business as you grow. Some people have the right motivations that align with yours. Some people don’t. You hear “people are everything,” but as an entrepreneur you quickly learn just how true that is. Be critical and look for people who are a good fit. Make changes when you need to. The people you bring in will define your culture, so be careful and intentional about hiring.


What is one thing all founders should be doing in the last three months of 2014?

Selling! Especially if you are an enterprise-focused B2B, a lot of customers buy at this time of year. Founders should always have a sales hat on.




Top five websites you couldn’t live without and why?

1. Salesforce.
2. Fortune’s “The Broadsheet” email/column, with the dish on the world’s most powerful women.
3. Fortune’s “Term Sheet” email/column.
4. LinkedIn Pulse.
5. The Allocadia blog. I love what our marketing team puts out!


Top 5 mobile apps you’re in love with and why?

1. Salesforce Chatter to stay connected with my team.
2. Box for file sharing.
3. LinkedIn to keep track of potential job candidates.
4. iPhoto to keep track of all my kids’ photos. I make a photo book every fall with all of the year’s milestones.
5. Expedia for booking and tracking flights.


Where can our readers find you?

They can find us on Facebook, Twitter, Google +, or our blog.


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