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Collaboration Feel Laborious? Try Kollaborate



It would be so much easier if we could just see one another! Who’s ever worked on a project without thinking this at some point? Despite all the tools at our disposal, 93% of our communication is done visually. That’s why, with one click, Kollaborate allows teams to instantly work together in HD video, and speak straight to the point.


Kollaborate is a platform that facilitates quick and easy online collaboration. The application achieves speed by avoiding extraneous downloads and program installations that bog down exchanges, saving as much as 15 minute per meeting.





Fast, Flexible And Visual

A host begins a meeting or “session” with a simple email invitation, issued directly from the landing page. Participants respond to a ping and are good to go without needing a separate account or login or yet another online profile. With one click, partners can interact in HD video and voice, giving remote teams a powerful and efficient means to work together as if they were all in the same room.


Kollaborate already has integrated Box, Dropbox, and Google Drive, and supports over 40 types of file storage, all but eliminating any need to modify files. Drag and drop technology enables a natural workflow between multiple users. This minimalist, smartly-conceived interface allows users to do very well what a lot of other more elaborate project management software loses sight of in a kaleidoscope of too many applications – collaborate!





Of course, apart from the one-click meetings, hosts have a dashboard where it’s possible to archive and access previous sessions, but this stays discretely in the background. The primary focus is conducting collaboration sessions as effortlessly and quickly as possible.


Smooth Assembly

Some might recognize (not to be confused with, or by digitalrebellion) as CanvasDropr, a lauded file-sharing and annotating tool. The recent rebranding reflects a shift in focus to real-time, visual collaboration as opposed to only a means to send information back and forth.





This Danish startup was co-founded by Cathrine Anderson and Christian Rasmussen in late 2011. Friends for over 8 years, they began their collaboration after finishing university and having each previously started other companies.


Kollaborate falls under the umbrella of Assemblage, billed as a builder of real-time web applications. The company also offers (for giving presentations to anyone, anywhere, and on any device) and Reaktify (an analytics tool that not only tells you what’s happening or who’s making it happen, but why it’s happening).


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