Is Your Collaboration So Effortless It Can’t Be Seen?

The best collaboration tools work like an invisible partner. They help get things done efficiently, and blend so seamlessly with workflow it’s almost as if they didn’t exist. They save time and can be put to use anywhere.


Teams that use Microsoft Outlook will want to explore partnering up with KnowledgeMill.






KnowledgeMill is a collaboration tool, complimentary with Microsoft Outlook, that streamlines communication and ends email hassles. The content platform serves as a hub where it’s easy to share materials and concentrate business exchanges.


Collaboration Without Changing How You Work

KnowledgeMill automatically files emails and documents into shared folders, effectively eliminating the need to CC colleagues ever again. Instead, coworkers or clients can retrieve, respond, or add to communications (according to each person’s adjustable access level) where everyone already knows where to look.


What’s more, KnowledgeMill suggests where emails should go, and learns behavior over time so that the software makes increasingly more accurate suggestions. Shared folders make it effortless to move between documents, emails, and other files.


All but essential to business anymore, KnowledgeMill works on any device, syncing information and allowing people to work wherever and however they see fit. All communication is backed up and secured. Businesses have the option of keeping data on their own servers or on KnowledgeMill’s cloud-based servers.






The familiar and flexible format of shared files means that companies can structure workflow without disturbing existing protocols. At the same time, KnowledgeMill turns the fragmented data from individual users into easy-to-find data that is relevant for all team members.


How simple and intuitive is KnowledgeMill? Save 60 minutes a day thanks to enhanced sharing and quickened exchanges. Witness a 40% reduction in the number of emails that need to be CC’ed and enjoy 83% (on average) of received emails and attachments being filed automatically.


Not having to waste time sorting emails – organizing forwards and replies – quickens production. Clients see results faster and appreciate clear communication. KnowledgeMill records activity on a timeline, which further appeases clients in the shape of robust accountability. It’s hard to find a downside to incorporating KnowledgeMill into standard procedures.


London-based, KnowledgeMill was built in-house by technology and business experts at the law firm Clifford Chance, easing the passage of information between 6,500 employees. james Allchin and Marcus Lambert founded the company, with Nick Gold joining as CEO.


Try an online demo or learn more about enhancing collaboration within Microsoft Outlook at Signup for a free version instantly or contact KnowledgeMill for the best SaaS solution to meet your company’s needs.


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