2013 Knowledge Sharing Blog H4Hitech Has Got Your Laughs, Tech Love, Blogging Tips, And Gandhi


“Be happy, live and let others live.” – Sapna Kumari, co-founder of H4Hitech


I get particular pleasure writing about family-run startups and H4Hitech is no exception. In my experience, family-run startups offer their own brand of startup vision from inception and they seem to be able to navigate obstacles at an earlier stage with a different kind of ease. It’s a beautiful thing really!


Co-founded by Sapna Kumari, she co-runs H4Hitech with her husband Kumar and her brother Anuj Batra. What sets H4Hitech apart from other blogs is that the medium of tech related story telling is intelligently peppered with humor and infographics. As a visually oriented person myself, I can appreciate a blog that not only emphasizes infographics, but one that is also interested in relaying the message, “Be happy, live, and let others live.”


H4Hitech offers a refreshing take on tech that I hope sets a trend!





Content-wise, H4Hitech posts articles and tutorials about what it’s like to be involved in the tech world from activities such as blogging to programming. For example, a current series of posts, “A Day In Naïve Bloggers Life,” takes a humorous and true look at what it’s like to blog. The insecurities, stress, and the rush are all covered with thoughtful insight and infographics.


To me, these posts were like looking at a series of cartoons from The New Yorker, except they were all about the blogger’s life. Hilarious!


In terms of the H4Hitech’s layout, it couldn’t be more straightforward for the user. Arriving at the homepage, users see the most recent blog posts, a “breaking news” ticker, a “recent posts” box, and a form in which users can submit their email address in order to receive a newsletter.





Blogging is definitely an art – a pursuit that takes time to get good at and there are many useful tips on the site to help bloggers think differently and creatively about their valued role as bloggers.


Take the article titled, “Great Lessons From Life Of Mahatma Gandhi For Every Blogger.” With an overview of Gandhi’s life presented, bloggers learn important lessons about achieving and overall vision with points such as “Build Relationship,” “Discover Your Passion,” and “Have Big Ideas And Make Them Real.” Maybe these seem like obvious pieces of advice to you, but have you ever thought about them in the context of Gandhi and his personal vision for the world along with blogging?





With sections such as “Tech Tips,” “Android Tutorials,” “MS SQL Server Tutorials,” and “Blogging,” there’s a little something for everyone on H4Hitech. That H4Hitech includes humor as part of its style is something I welcome entirely. There can never be too much positive attitude and humor in the world and that H4Hitech uses humor to teach and communicate tech-related information is surely welcome in my book, anytime. There’s definitely a message this startup is spreading with its approach to tech blogging and writing that couldn’t have come at a better time!


End your 2012 by learning something new while easing into 2013 with some humor at the H4Hitech knowledge sharing blog.


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