KnockoutSurveys Takes Down Old School Questionnaires


Survey says there’s always room to improve surveys. Refining templates in order to quicken the building process, finding convenient ways to share questions, obtaining the most useful information, making sense of results – no matter the objective, the online survey space draws many startups to its challenges. Looking to become the next champion survey platform, KnockoutSurveys recently stepped into the ring.




Round 1

Launched earlier in September, KnockoutSurveys provides online survey tools that help users create both surveys and polls. Customer satisfaction, advance event planning, market research, and teacher evaluations are just a few of the different information gathering projects KnockoutSurveys is conveniently equipped to facilitate.


In addition to common answer formats, survey designers will appreciate a drag and drop editor that makes it easy to craft custom templates. Real-time collaboration enables multiple people to make simultaneous edits. An Undo/redo feature assures that correcting mistakes is a simple task.



KnockoutSurveys offers three different ways to distribute and share surveys:

  1. Direct via weblink
  2. Emailing contacts through an email system
  3. Embedding surveys into a website or blog


The advanced logic and flow controls might be the most impressive feature of the KnockoutSurveys survey platform. Randomizing question order prevents bias. The chain of questions can be altered based on prior answers by correspondents. This allows for pages to be skipped or information to be either omitted or recycled, allowing for only the most pertinent data to appear in results.


Survey gatherers benefit from a real-time results overview.  They can also browse individual results from respondents. Analytic options will continue to expand as the startups grows and continues to accumulate its own feedback from customers.


In KnockoutSurvey’s Corner

Etienne Morin and Sławomir Dorzak cofounded KnockoutSurveys. Morin honed his engineering skills at MarketTools, TransCore, Mentec, Epocal, and Cactus Commerce after graduating from the University of Ottawa. A software architect and engineer, Dorzak also works at the Cloud Engineering Center for Excellence at Dell. He owns Cliff Software (creating a timesheet system), and has previously worked at Zamano, Mentec International, Softco, and SEKO.

KnockoutSurveys is self-funded, but ready to weigh in with investors. Morin and Dorzak work from Canada and Ireland respectively, and believe their small, agile team will allow them to out-juke larger competitors like SurveyMonkey. Unlike other subscription services that withhold premium features for top-paying customers, every plan (including the free one) offers the full spectrum of KnockoutSurvey’s features.




Pricing varies according to usage. The free plan allows for up to 1,000 emails per month with a limit of 20 respondents per survey (which can be stretched to 100 through social media).  The most expensive plan costs $49.95 per month, covering unlimited respondents and 500,000 emails. The level of customer support, either email or phone, depends upon the subscription plan.



The website blog (found here) chronicles the young company’s aggressive release of features so far, including randomization, page logic, geolocation of respondents, and more. Less than a month after the opening bell, KnockoutSurvey’s won its first paying customer. A survey-building toolkit is just the first jab in the company’s fighting strategy. In time, the startup plans a major disruption of the online survey space, but details remain in secret development within the company’s bootstrapping gym.


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