Sail Away Before Your Home Turns Into A Tech Junkyard

You probably don’t need to look further than the nearest electrical outlet to find a tangle of dirty cables tracing back to speakers, routers, phone chargers, TVs and other gadgets – what a mess our homes have become!


And that’s only speaking of the physical appearance of technology in our households, not to mention the ugliness of trying to connect devices so that they work together. You have all that great music on your iPhone that you can’t stream on your stereo, a movie to watch on a tablet on the nightstand upstairs while you’re on the couch ready to bliss out in front of the flatscreen…


So many amazing tools that too often create more clogged space instead of more comfort.



Andrea Guidorossi, CEO of live technology, looked at the wires snaking around his place, threatening to devour him, and decided that enough was enough. He wanted his devices to communicate across different platforms and provide complimentary services, and he wanted the eyesore of cables to go away. He wanted his house back. So, when he couldn’t find a solution available that satisfied him, he went to work building Kitera.


Kitera is a full automation media system that unites various devices within a single WiFi network, easy to manage by using only one smart device as a remote control. It allows different brands and platforms to function together. It allows users to access all their files – movies, videos, photos and more – in a private network.


Kitera puts you back in charge of different technologies, using multimedia together as you like.





Kitera also stops the Internet of Things from sprawling wall to wall. It controls lighting and also has a killer, 600 watt stereo system. Not only can you browse the web, but you can enjoy a home theater system – one that doesn’t require 30 cables and an electrical engineering degree to operate. A webcam conveniently turns Kitera into a surveillance system, providing for home security. Kitera also supplies alarms and emergency services (backup lighting) in events such as blackouts and storms.


While other cloud-based hubs centralize and manage multiple services, Kitera reflects a deep appreciation for aesthetics as well as performance. Named Kite + Ra, because it acts like a sail that allows one to elegantly harnesses the elements and it is meant to throw a ray of light in the world of technology, Kitera is anything but one more box in the living room.


Kitera is designed like a sail, an object that beautifies the home – as gorgeous, if not more so, as the technology itself. Created with the help of Marco Fontana, a designer who studied under the legendary, contemporary architect, Renzo Piano, Kitera both cleans up the clutter of cables and offers a stunning interior design piece that is a sleek expression of Italian style.





As Guidorossi is fond of asking, “Why buy more when you can buy better?” If you’d like to master your connected world and replace the jumble of electronics in your spaces with a work of tech art, sign up to become one of the first to own Kitera here.


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