KillerStartups Roundup: The Best Of Startup Life

You’re busy. We get it.

The fast pace and crazy work hours of startup life make it impossible to keep up with all the latest startup news, trends, and tips – and worrying that you’ve missed out is no way to begin the weekend. That’s why we’ve rounded up this week’s hottest startup stories from KillerStartups below…


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Killer Startups

  • Take heart, startup brothers and sisters developing complicated solutions. talklocal is an excellent example of how determination and adaptability translate into success – in the marketplace and with financing. Find out how they’re gettin’ it done.
  • Travel, work, travel, work, work, travel… The last thing entrepreneurs on the move want to deal with is a long wait at the hotel front desk. MobileSuites is going to shake up hotel stays and improve visits, putting a number of services a couple cell clicks away. The next indispensable travel app?
  • Documents, videos, presentations – business demands the creation of a wide variety of content that needs to be visually engaging to impress audiences (read: investors). Visme gives startup founders a versatile tool they can use that won’t keep them up nights learning new code.


Living the Startup Life

  • This contest rocks. Fundable and Staples have joined forces to help innovators realize their products, enlisting the help of the crowd in their Crowd2Shelf Contest. Vote for your favorite products and send them on to the next round, where they’ll have a chance at earning funding and a place on Staples shelves.
  • Speaking of winning, how does free tuition to a leadership course sound… in Buenos Aires! Vituali’s offer to visit this budding hub of entrepreneurship is worth upwards of $10,000. Stop what you’re doing and apply now.
  • Plugging away at another job while you plan your startup domination? The right perspective turns any work experience into valuable leadership experience. Evrim Oralkan (CEO of Travertine Mart) shares what he learned about entrepreneurship while managing a luxury hotel.
  • Enthusiasm for the arrival of the Apple Watch has been… lacking. But developers can change that by building amazing apps on this brand new platform. Take a glance at this huge opportunity.


Startup Tips & Trends

  • Save your twinkly music, explainer video makers. Please. Have a look at videos that do the job right.
  • Tap into the mind of a successful industrial designer to zero in on 5 elements that will help wow your customers.
  • No secret that talent drives startups. The right employees make all the difference. What they need and what sends them away changes over time. Check out this infographic to avoid sending your perfect peeps running out the door.


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