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Today’s Killer Startup: Get Exploring With WunderWalk

Today’s Killer Startup: WunderWalk App

wunderwalk app



Elevator Pitch

Quickly plot interesting outings in your own city or the next city you visit.


Why It’s A Killer Startup

Walking is a hobby of mine. I know that sounds weird but I really just love exploring new places by walking – everywhere. I also move to a new country every few of months so I have plenty of new places to discover and walking is really the best way to get to know them.


My walks tend to be a bit rambling but there are definitely times when I’d like a little more direction to my wanders and that’s where WunderWalk comes in.


This Australian-based startup combines the Google Maps API and the Foursquare API to help would-be wanderers plot the best route that includes up to seven different stops. The app asks users what they’re interested in doing with questions about what they’re hungry, thirsty, looking, or shopping for. It then takes that information uses data from the Foursquare API to recommend places to visit and plot the best route to hit them all.


WunderWalk also lets users know how long it should take between stops, making it easy to figure out just how long the daily wander should take.


Founder Kat McArthur told TechCrunch that WunderWalk is currently in the process of expanding to cities worldwide after seeing consistent 5% growth while they were still in beta. At the time of this article going to press, the WunderWalk website claims 2,896 cities in 155 countries. The app also has a social element, letting users share their walks with friends or try out walks created by other users.


So what are you waiting for? Get walking.



Explore new cities – or your hometown – with @wunderwalk, a new way to quickly and easily plot interesting walks.


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Author : Emma McGowan

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