Today’s Killer Startup: Isn’t It Time You Increased User Engagement?

Today’s Killer Startup: Voice Polls


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Elevator Pitch

Voice Polls helps you increase user engagement and, ultimately, revenue with easily embedded custom polls.


Why It’s A Killer Startup

In this age of drive-by users, user engagement is the chimera all of us in the website game are chasing. We’ve all been there: nothing is more demoralizing than opening Google Analytics only to find a high bounce rate that refuses to drop no matter how great your content is.


While there are a million different theories on how to increase each user’s time on your site, a great one is conducting polls. People love to feel like they’re being listened to and they really to feel that they’re participating in something and polls are a great way to provide that feeling, all while simultaneously keeping them on your website longer and providing you with more info about who has been stopping by.


Voice Polls is a super easy way to create surveys specific to your website. You can either come up with your own questions or surf what polls are currently succeeding on other sites so that you can replicate their results on your own. Embedding the final surveys is as easy as embedding a YouTube video: if you can copy/paste, you can embed a Voice Polls survey.


In addition to the long term goal of boosting your stats and therefore boosting revenue, Voice Polls also gives website owners the option of agreeing to show sponsored polls as well as custom ones. For each sponsored poll completed, you earn a little bit of money, providing a revenue boost in the short term as well.


Voice Polls is already being used by some big names in the publishing industry including The Next Web, Wall Street Journal, TIME, The Daily Beast, and VentureBeat. Its simplicity and total customization is key to its adoption, with each site creating their own surveys that meet needs ranging from gathering audience opinions for new content to empowering users to starting a debate to profiling audiences.


And these polls aren’t just for publishing companies. Voice Polls can also be used by brands looking to do market research into their sector or by developers looking to create new apps that include polling features. They even offer access to their data sets, providing unique insights into the opinions of a wide range of people.


The bottom line is, your website needs to things: better user engagement and more information about your users. Voice Polls provides you with both.


Seems like a no-brainer to me.



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