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Today’s Killer Startup: Your Startup’s Perfect Name Is Waiting For You At Unnamed

Today’s Killer Startup: Unnamed





Elevator Pitch

Naming your startup is really hard. Let Unnamed do it for you, for a bootstrapped price.


Why It’s A Killer Startup

Are you listening to the StartUp Podcast? If you’re not, you should be – it’s a great inside look at the process of getting a startup going, complete with all of the bumps, mistakes, and terrible pitches that any startup founder can relate to.


Anyway, in episode 5 (there are seven episodes at the time of this article going live), Alex Blumberg and his partner name their new podcasting company. The original name – the American Podcasting Corporation – was working for Alex but not so much for his investors. After months and months of brainstorming and coming up with nothing usable – all of their ideas were either terrible or already taken – they decided to turn to a professional naming company.


In the podcast, Alex refers to the high price of utilizing the services of this particular naming company. That’s definitely a bummer for any of you who were listening and thinking, “Yeah, I think we could probably use that too…” If you recognize yourself in that, then Unnamed is a great solution.


Unnamed has three different packages, depending on your naming needs. The first one is affordable for even the most bootstrapped startup – $99 for five names, one expert, two name revisions, and your results in 48 hours. The priciest package only costs $199 and gets you 11 names, two experts, five name revisions, and your results within 24 hours.


So what makes these folks qualified to name your company? Well, while you’ve been struggling to come up with just one name (that hopefully doesn’t end in .ly) for your nascent startup, the team at Unnamed has been naming numerous companies for more than four years.


They also really like naming companies, which is a very particular interest that I’m going to guess is not shared by many other people. Why not take advantage of their experience and desire to get the exact right name for your startup?


And while you’re at it, challenge them to make it as good as Gimlet Media.



[email protected] showed us that the search for a #startup name is HARD. Let @unnamedio help you


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