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Today’s Killer Startup: Stock Up Hooks You Up With Beautiful, Free Photos

Today’s Killer Startup: Stock Up

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A searchable database of the best free stock photos online.


Why It’s A Killer Startup

Finding beautiful, free photos that can be used for media sites or even just general websites can be a serious pain. Any blogger or social media manager knows the agony of sorting through terrible photo after terrible photo of Flickr, only to resort to one of the super cheesy stock photo sites that communicate what you’re going for, but do it terribly.


With Stock Up, bloggers and other online workers have access to a veritable treasure trove of free photos. While the technical term may be “stock photos,” I hesitate to call them that, if only because the name brings up images of smiling women in business suits climbing mountains or perfectly blond families enjoying a Norman Rockwell dinner. The photos on Stock Up don’t look like stock photos – they’re original, beautiful, and so much easier to comb through than those on the other leading free photo sites.


The site is already organized into the following categories: All Photos, Unsplash, Life of Pix, New Old Stock, Startup Stock Photos, Jay Mantri, and Skitterphoto. However, users can also search for specific topics directly from Stock Up’s super clean homepage. Find everything from photo after photo of laptops that have somehow been made to look super classy to nature shots that will make you want to quit your desk job and go traveling. For those of you who are already using Unsplash and hate that it’s not searchable: it’s searchable here.


Stop using shitty stock photos. There’s no excuse anymore. Get on Stock Up and make all of your articles, webpages, and social media posts look beautiful.



Finally! A clean, searchable database for the best free photos online! #NoMoreStockPhotos @builderreport


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Author : Emma McGowan

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