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Today’s Killer Startup: All Startup Videos All The Time On Startup Talks

Today’s Killer Startup: Startup Talks



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Elevator Pitch:

Startup Talks is a curated collection of startup-related videos.


Why It’s A Killer Startup:

Basically every startup founder ever started out not knowing anything. Luckily, there are other startup founders who started out before you decided to go against everything your mom dreamed for you and quit your well-paying job to create the next Big Thing. While there are thousands of blog posts on how to do everything you need to do, videos and podcasts are obviously way more fun.


Calling themselves “procrastination for professionals,” Startup Talks has compiled any and all videos related to startups. They’ve divided their library into a few clear tabs – founders, investors, business, design, engineering, marketing, YC Startup Class 2014, and a “browse by tags” option – so you can browse the topic that’s most interesting or helpful to you.


For those of you who just want a little taste, the homepage highlights a few videos from each section and also has a “Most Viewed” sidebar so you know what people are really digging. Unsurprisingly, the most popular vids so far are interviews with startup personalities like Sean Parker and Travis Kalanick of Uber.


Coming in at second on Product Hunt on October 26, Startup Talks even has Andrew Warner of Mixergy (arguably the most well known tech and startup focused interview series online) asking how he can get his videos on the site.


Clearly they’re on to something.


Whether you’re looking for an answer to a specific startup question or you just want to put off doing this quarter’s accounting while still feeling like you’re being productive (we’ve all been there – we won’t tell) head over to Startup Talks and learn something.



Starting a #startup? Learn from the experts in video after video @StartupTalksTV


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