Today’s Killer Startup: Get Cooking With Scratch House

Today’s Killer Startup: Scratch House

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Elevator Pitch

Scratch House helps people learn to cook from scratch by assigning them one easy cooking “mission” per day.


Why It’s A Killer Startup

How many times have you heard someone say, “Yeah, I really should cook more…” and then look wistfully off into the distance? Most everyone (and especially people in their 20s) knows that their take-out/eating-out to home cooked meals ratio is skewed in the wrong direction. Problem is, cooking from scratch can be really intimidating for folks who haven’t ever done it before.


Tina Ye loves to cook but she realized that not everyone was on board. She started doing experiments to figure out why people cook and found that most people need more than just ingredients and knowledge – they also needed continued guidance. That’s probably why most people learn to cook when they’re still living at home, but what about those of us who skipped that step?


Armed with that info, Tina prototyped what would become Scratch House. She texted cooking-related “quests” once a day to people who wanted to start cooking more and found that the manageable size of the task combined with a community of people all doing the same thing made for some good results.


With that validation, Tina launched Scratch House, which adjusts to your interests and skill level (experienced cooks are welcome too!) and gives you an opportunity to compare notes with other cooks who are whipping up the same dishes. If you’re interested in joining her community of cookers, head over and sign up to be a part of their beta when it launches. I’ll be there – this sounds like a lot of fun.



All of that takeout is definitely making you fat. Learn how to #cook from scratch with #ScratchHouse by @tinabeans


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