Today’s Killer Startup: Who Wants To Network In A Luxury House In Morocco?

Today’s Killer Startup: Refuga


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Elevator Pitch

Refuga is networking taken to the next level – entrepreneurs go on trips to exotic locations where they can meet awesome, like-minded people, get away from the office, and take their businesses to the next level.


Why It’s A Killer Startup

I’ve interviewed hundreds of startup founders over the past few years and one of the things I like to ask is what they would do if they had $500k and a year off. Even with the caveat that they can’t use it for business, I’d say at least 60% of them tell me that they’d use the money to invest in something cool or, yes, launch a new startup.


The other answer I get perhaps even more often (or in conjunction with) the “start a new business” response is travel. Everyone has a plan for when their company is bought by Google and it seems to almost always include an international destination.


The conclusion I’ve drawn is that startup founders are addicts. We’re addicted to thrills – and those thrills can come from the roller coaster ride that is founding a company or they can come from zip-lining in the Amazon.


And that’s why Refuga is totally brilliant – it’s a combination of travel AND making your startup better.


There are two types of events on Refuga: Camps and Adventures. Camps put 20 entrepreneurs in a remote luxury house for a week, which kind of sounds like Real World: Startup Edition. For that week, founders focus on feedback sessions, talking about their startups, and generally getting shit done while still having fun.


On a Refuga Adventure, entrepreneurs bond over well, having adventures. For example, in July 2015, a group of entrepreneurs will travel to Russia and climb Europe’s highest mountain together. Personally, I can’t think of a better way to bond with people who have the skill sets and interests to help catapult your business toward being the best it could be.


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