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Today’s Killer Startup: Your Search For A Parking Space Is – Finally – Over

Today’s Killer Startup: Parking Panda



parking panda - killer startup


Elevator Pitch

Reserve your parking spot online beforehand – or in real time on your phone – to guarantee you’re never left circling the block in vain again.


Why It’s A Killer Startup

There are a couple of categories of “best online companies:” those that turn an action humans are already taking in “the real world” and create a digital version of it (think Facebook) and those that take a rare commodity and figure out how to monetize it. Then, of course, those that manage to combine the two – a task that’s often harder than it sounds at first – have hit the jackpot.


Parking Panda is a little bit from column A and a whole lot from column B. Parking is a very expensive, very rare commodity and it’s also a huge aggravation, especially in bigger cities. Anyone with a car can attest to the pain of showing up twenty minutes late even when they technically “arrived” five minutes early just because there was no parking available.


That pain point is eliminated for Parking Panda users. With savings of up to 70% on parking, drivers not only know that there’s an exclusive spot waiting for them, but also one that can save them some serious money.


On the flip side, everyone from large parking companies to small businesses that don’t use all of their space can list their parking spaces on Posting a listing is free and then Parking Panda takes a percentage-based commission of any reservation that happens through their system. Parking spot owners can also choose when, exactly, they want to make their parking spots available, which allows for a bit of flexibility on their end.


Parking Panda has also recently started rolling out a new service: Helping with parking at big events. They’ve already teamed up with, the Target Center, the Ravens, and too many other sports and event venues to list. Keep an eye out the next time you’re going to watch a game or heading to a huge concert – your parking just got a whole lot easier.



Save time and money – and never circle the block again – with @ParkingPanda #startups


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Author : Emma McGowan

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