Today’s Killer Startup: Know Immediately When Anyone Talks About You Online

Today’s Killer Startup: Mention


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Track every time you or your company is mentioned online.


Why It’s A Killer Startup

First of all: vanity, obviously. Who doesn’t want to know when people are talking about them online? That’s why we Google ourselves (don’t lie; you know you do it) and one of the reasons reputation management platforms like BrandYourself have become so popular in recent years.


But that vanity is also practical when your business is online. For startups – who rely especially on tech blogs and social media to get the word out about their companies – Mention is the perfect tool for keeping track of what’s being said across the internet, both good and bad.


Mention monitors millions of sources across the web and in 42 different languages. They’ll let you know when you or your company is mentioned on social media, on blogs, new sites, forums, or web pages. You can also integrate Mention with your social accounts, allowing you to respond in-app to real time alerts from Twitter, Facebook, Buffer, or any of your other social media.


This, of course, is great for two purposes: sharing good articles and mentions and doing damage control when a disgruntled customer/former employee/competitor tries to do you dirty in public.


For those of you who love statistics and metrics (and who among us online dorks doesn’t?), Mention lets you analyze your stats by source, language, or time and also export all of your data to generate reports.


Icing on the cake: Mention is has the same interface whether you’re working on your iPhone/iPad, Android, Chrome, Mac OS X, Linux, or Windows. That means your team can collaborate no matter what device they’re working on because, oh yeah, Mention has collaboration built in too.



Don’t you want to know what people are saying about you online? Now you can: @Mention


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