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Today’s Killer Startup: Lukewarm Emailer Gets You In Touch With The Right People

Today’s Killer Startup: Lukewarm Emailer



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Elevator Pitch

Lukewarm Emailer helps you build a list of contacts from Twitter, reach out via cold email, and track responses.


Why They’re A Killer Startup

First of all, they have an awesome, cheeky name. That earns them major points right off the bat.


But let’s get into the nitty-gritty.


Entrepreneurs already spend hundreds of hours tracking down emails on Twitter and reaching out to potential customers, business partners, investors – the list goes on and on. Lukewarm Emailer streamlines that boring process by providing you with a little bookmarklet that allows you to quickly and easily add people to a spreadsheet, which is then populated with each potential contact’s avatar, name, follower count, description and website.


For folks who don’t even want to do that much (and let’s be real: how many of us actually do?) Lukewarm Emailer offers and upgraded version that handles all the crowdsourcing of email addresses for you.


Even sending the email itself is easier with Lukewarm Emailer. All you have to do is create a template for the email you want to send out, personalize it for each contact, and then send the email, update the spreadsheet, and remove the person from your list with just one click. As people start responding, you can either mark the spreadsheet yourself or Lukewarm Emailer can automatically do it for you.


Each spreadsheet is also totally customizable, so you can add any other metrics you want to track, all in one place. It’s easy, simple, clear, and will save you hours of time.


But Lukewarm Emailer isn’t just for entrepreneurs. It’s also a great resource for authors, musicians, job seekers – anyone who is trying to reach out to a wide group of people as efficiently as possible. It’s not, however, for spammers: each email comes from your personal or professional email address, which puts a block on people who might abuse the service.



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