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Today’s Killer Startup: This Little Interbot Will Up Your Productivity

Today’s Killer Startup: Interbot



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Elevator Pitch:

Interbot integrates your project management tool with all of the other tools your team uses, letting you take actions directly from chat.


Why It’s A Killer Startup:

Here at KillerStartups, we’re a big fan of Slack for communicating with our entire team, which is spread out across three continents. However, Slack is by no means the only tool we use or even the only tool we all use. I know, for example, that on any given day I have Slack, Gmail, Gchat, Trello, and Skype open for my entire working period.


While switching between tabs isn’t the worst thing in the world, I’m always excited about products that make my current tools better or more efficient because the truth of the matter is, those micro-actions do eat up time over the long run. Interbot is promising to be one of those tools and although it’s still very new, I’m excited to share what they have going on.


Interbot did an exclusive beta launch on Product Hunt, for which they created an integration between Slack and Trello and Slack and Google Calendar.


As an example, let’s say that my editor here at Killer Startups asks me to write two Killer Startup columns today. She could say, “Emma, can you please do two Killer Startup columns instead of one today?” and once I ask her to add it to my to-do list, all she has to do is type “@interbot+trello Two Killer Startup columns to Emma” and it will be added directly to my Trello.


Pretty cool, huh?


Interbot hasn’t fully launched yet but their team is already working on integrating Slack, HipChat,, Campfire, Basecamp, Asana, GitHub, Google apps, Trello, and Evernote. With the aim of being the tools to connect to all tools, Interbot could end up being the ultimate tool.



Stop wasting time and up your productivity with this tool to end all tools: #Interbot


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Author : Emma McGowan

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