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Today’s Killer Startup: Here’s How To Get Free Wifi Anywhere

Today’s Killer Startup: Instabridge



Instabridge app


Elevator Pitch

Access free wifi anywhere, without a password.


Why It’s A Killer Startup

Let’s be real: Everyone is searching for wifi, all of the time. The question “What’s the password?” is probably the most asked questions of the 2000s. Thanks, smartphones. You’ve turned is all into urban hunters of that ever elusive prey: a free internet connection.


Instabridge takes care of all of that for you first by showing you what free wifi is available (with adorable little arrows that point you in the right direction) in the area; think McDonalds, Starbucks, places like that. If you’re not close enough to a free hub to connect, the app will also let you access private wifi networks, without having to ask the dreaded access question.


Here’s how it works: Through the app, locate a friend – or stranger who is offering their connection – and the app will ask them if they’re cool with you logging in. If they say yes, you’re in!


There are obviously numerous situations where this is awesome. The first is the most obvious: you’re wandering around in a new area and need to get online and don’t want to use your data and can’t find a damn Starbucks or don’t feel like dropping $3 on a coffee. Open up the app and see if someone in the area has the app. Bam. Free wifi.


The other is less immediately obvious but possibly more useful. Raise your hand if you’ve ever been at a friend’s house, asked for the wifi password, and were handed a scrap of paper with some incomprehensible combination of letters and numbers on it. This is, of course, after your host spends a minimum of half an hour searching through all of her “random crap” drawers.


I see that you all have raised your hands, as expected. I’m glad we’re on the same page.


Now imagine the same situation – you want to get online – and all you have to do is click on your friend’s name in the Instabridge app and wait for them to say yes on their own phone. So simple! No searching! No handwriting deciphering! I love it.



Get free #wifi, anywhere, with @Instabridge #freewifi


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Author : Emma McGowan

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