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Today’s Killer Startup: Track Anything (Or Anyone) Anywhere With InSite GPS

Today’s Killer Startup: InSite GPS Tags




Elevator Pitch:

InSite GPS Tags are the world’s first tracking devices to offer true indoor tracking.


Why It’s A Killer Startup:

InSite GPS Tags allow you to track anything, anywhere. The trackers are small – just the size of a coin – and while traditional GPS only works when you’re outside, these guys utilize five different technologies to make sure that they work everywhere. Use them to keep track of anything from your wallet to your cat to your wayward teen or wandering grandma.


In addition to helping you track things both inside and out, InSite GPS Tags also lets you draw virtual perimeters, a feature they call Geo-Fencing. For example, if you have a kid who’s been skipping out on school lately, you could attach the InSite GPS Tag to her cellphone and be alerted when she’s left school grounds. The InSite GPS will also tell you what direction she’s headed in and how fast.


InSite GPS is also working on creating 3D maps of public and private indoor spaces, like airports, malls, and offices. They already have over 40,000 maps and their database is growing daily. Each user can now use their technology to create indoor maps of any space they want to track devices in, which will help group the database and also help each individual user.


And, of course, the trackers can be tracked from an app on any smartphone, tablet, or PC.


InSite GPS is currently competing in the Crowd2Shelf contest – which is run by Fundable and Staples – for a chance to sell their product in Staples stores and on the Staples website. If you think they’re on to a winning idea, head over to their crowdfunding profile and show your support!



Have you ever wanted to track anything, anywhere? Well, now you can: @InSiteGPS @Fundable #Crowd2Shelf


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