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Today’s Killer Startup: Get The Cheapest Flights Delivered Directly To Your Phone

Today’s Killer Startup: Hitlist





Elevator Pitch

Hitlist sends the best flight deals directly to your phone.


Why It’s A Killer Startup

You know how you think about weird stuff in the morning before you get out of bed? This morning I was avoiding the sun and I started thinking about how I should update my Kayak and TripAdvisor price alerts. Right now they’re set for like, four countries ago and I really don’t care about flights from New York to Santiago because I don’t live in Santiago anymore.


However, I do travel – a lot. My boyfriend and I are “digital nomads” and we’ve developed a habit of picking up and shipping out every couple of months. We’re both open to leaving on pretty short notice and we often do – and pay for it in higher air fares.


Hitlist is perfect for people like us or even just people who want to travel more but don’t want to pay top dollar for the flight. The app asks you which cities you’ve been to and which you want to visit with a beautiful interface that includes images of the more popular cities. Adding the places you’ve visited in the past lets your friends know who they should talk to when they’re planning a trip (and, obviously, lets you know who to talk to too) and adding the places you want to visit puts them on your list for flight deals.


As soon as you’ve added a city you’ll immediately see what the cheapest deals are for you to get there and home. It’s simple, beautiful, and super easy to use. Check it out at


The only downside is that seeing all of those cheap ticket prices is going to give you wicked travel lust. Are you prepared to empty that bank account?



Get the best flight deals delivered directly to your phone on the beautiful @hitlist_app


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Author : Emma McGowan

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