Today’s Killer Startup: Find Handmade, Custom Gifts On This Etsy Alternative

Today’s Killer Startup: Handmake Me


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Get handmade, customizable gifts from certified makers on Handmake Me.


Why It’s A Killer Startup

Etsy used to be the go-to for people concerned about where and how their consumer goods were made. The company rode in on the coattails of craftspeople across the world and they gave back heartily to that community. Plenty of individuals were able to supplement their incomes with Etsy or, in the case of some really successful folks, quit their day jobs all together and turned their hobby into a career.


Recently, however, Etsy made the decision to open their doors beyond handmade goods. As a result, the site has been flooded with mass produced goods, many of them from China, that imitate the DIY look that buyers had become accustomed to on the site.


So what’s a socially conscious buyer to do this holiday season?


Check out Handmake Me, “the bespoke gift marketplace.” Unlike Etsy, Handmake Me has a “no-factory policy,” and they check each and every item before to goes live on their site to ensure that it’s truly handmade. They also require that every item sold through them have at least one custom option, giving you the ability to personalize your purchase.


The site is easy to search, with categories covering different types of events that you may need to purchase a gift for – including weddings and Christmas – as well as more general topics like art and fashion. It’s a great option for people who are frustrated with Etsy’s abandonment of their core clientele but who still really want to buy beautiful, original, handmade goods.


Handmake Me is also, obviously, looking for more makers so if you’re the crafty sort and are looking for a new way to market your goods, consider becoming one of their certified sellers.



Now that Etsy has abandoned its base, buy your handmade, custom gifts this holiday season at @HandmakeMe


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