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Today’s Killer Startup: Sharing Is Caring, Guys. It’s Time To Go Halfsy

Today’s Killer Startup: Go Halfsy



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Elevator Pitch

Go Halfsy connects people who want to buy luxury goods or services (but don’t have all the cash) with other people so they can split the cost.


Why It’s A Killer Startup

Have you ever coveted a really sweet bag or piece of sporting equipment or vacation home but just knew that you couldn’t make it work with your budget? One of the very distinctive features of modern society is that we’re privy to an up close and personal view of the material reality of being very wealthy, even if we don’t have access to that wealth ourselves. We know what a $100 million house or a $5,000 handbag or a $200,000 car looks like, but most of us will never, ever come even close to owning any of those things.


But here’s the thing: the power for two or three bank accounts is much stronger than the power of one. With Go Halfsy, people now have the ability to join forces with other luxury goods lovers to have access to the things they’ve always wanted but never had access to before.


While this obviously won’t work for some things – you probably don’t want to go in on, say, high end lingerie together – there are plenty of items that it’s great for. An example they give on the site is expensive golf clubs. Most golfers don’t go golfing every single day but good golf clubs are a pricey item. Rather than dropping $600 on a set that spends the majority of the time in the closet, Go Halfsy users could go in on them with two other people, spending only $200 each.


In order to build in-network trust, Go Halfsy has an endorsement system. The more endorsements a person has, the more trustworthy they’re known to be and the system also shows users how many endorsers they have in common, so it’s easy to check up on your potential co-owner. Folks can also endorse people they know personally who are on the system, even if they haven’t gone halfsy with them on anything yet.



Wish you had a nicer vacation home? Longing after some sexy golf clubs? @gohalfsy!!


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Author : Emma McGowan

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