Today’s Killer Startup: GetNotified – About Anything

Today’s Killer Startup: GetNotified


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Elevator Pitch:

Get notifications for anything you need to be notified about.


Why It’s A Killer Startup:

Because my memory is shit.


True statement, but here’s a little more detail for you. GetNotified is a new site that lets you input any notification you want and then, well, notifies you when that thing happens. Because it’s human-curated and one of the GetNotified team lets you know right away if your notification is actually doable, requests can really be anything. Want to know when the your favorite band will be in town? No problem. Really into J Lo? Ask to be notified when she has a new feature in a magazine.


You can also use it for more practical things, like keeping track of stock prices or your startup being written up on a tech blog. The possibilities for a service like this are wide and seemingly endless.


While many of the ideas suggested on the website may seem a bit trivial, my mind immediately goes to Yo (which was once derided as the most pointless app ever) being used to inform people in Israel when bombs were coming in during the most recent conflict with Hamas. I could easily see GetNotified expanding beyond “Notify me when Kim Jong-Un makes an appearance” and into “Notify me when there’s a protest in my city” or “Notify me when a cop kills another teenager.”


And, of course, it’s great for people like me who just have terrible memories. “Notify me every four days to call mom.” “Notify me to follow up with that founder who’s not so great at responding to emails.” “Notify me on Sunday to cook a family dinner.”


They’ve also worked out a totally reasonable pricing plan. They take your credit card info when you sign up but you don’t pay anything until you’ve incurred $10 worth of charges. Each active notification costs $0.99 per month, so you can really get a quite a few going before you get charged.



Never forget anything, ever again. @getnotifiedapp


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