Today’s Killer Startup: Flic Is The Fastest Way To Organize Your iPhone Photos

Today’s Killer Startup: Flic


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Elevator Pitch

The Flic photo management app uses a Tinder-like interface to help you organize and delete photos on your iPhone.


Why It’s A Killer Startup

Lately it can seem like there’s a Tinder for everything – and for good reason. Tinder’s left/right swipe interface revolutionized online dating largely because it’s so simple. So it’s no wonder that entrepreneurs around the world are jumping on the format and applying it to a huge range of different applications.


While some of these new Tinder-like apps seem to be pushing the format a little too far out of its comfort zone, Flic makes perfect sense. iPhones everywhere are clogged with camera rolls bursting at the seams – and every iPhone owner has run into the moment when they have a picture they really want to take but just can’t because their memory is full. While deleting photos via the camera roll takes four clicks, Flic lets you do it with just one simple swiping motion.


With the popularity of smartphones, we’ve all become amateur photographers, snapping pics of practically everything we see. I personally know people who take four pics in a row just to get the exact right shot. Slogging through all of those images can take hours, but with Flic, any photo-happy iPhone or iPad owner (with at least iOs 8) can sort through an entire month’s worth of photos in no time at all.


While Tinder doesn’t leave room for mistakes – once you reject someone, they’re lost to you forever – Flic puts your rejects in a separate file and gives you one last chance to go through them again before throwing them away forever. The app also tells you exactly how much space you’re saving with each photo you delete, encouraging hard drive emptying behavior.



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