Today’s Killer Startup: Couple Is A Social Network Just For Two

Today’s Killer Startup: Couple



Elevator Pitch

Couple is a private social network for you and your significant other.


Why It’s A Killer Startup

We all know at least one person who can’t help expressing their undying love for their partner on Facebook or Twitter over and over and over again. The posts about him being the sweetest man alive. The others about her explosion of love, followed by a million hearts and kissy-face emojis. The mutual compliments back and forth and back and forth until you want to scream – and then you remember that there’s such a thing as an “unfollow” option.


Every couple goes through gushy, mushy stages – it’s a natural, lovely part of being in love. The reality of social media, however, is that we’re all exposed to digital PDA on the daily. However, just because everyone might not want to see your exchanges with your honey, doesn’t mean they can’t happen.


That’s where Couple comes in. Available as both a web and phone app, Couple serves primarily as a messaging service between the two halves of a couple. It’s totally private so not only will no one else be subjected to your saccharine sweet messages but it’s also a great place to share some of the more (ahem) adult content that grown adults sometimes like to send their partners.


Couple also has a built-in shared calendar, so you can keep track of all your important dates in one place. It also has a list section, where both partners can create and access anything from grocery lists to packing plans to “The Top 10 Reasons I Love You” love listicles.


Perhaps most fun, though, are the chat options. In addition to the standard emojis, Couple also offers a “thinking of you” button that sends a little cartoon thought bubble with just one click. You can also make drawings for each other or draw together – all of which get saved in the “Moments” section of the app.


Finally, the cutest thing of all is the Thumbkiss. When you want to connect with your love on a more physical level, just open the Thumbkiss section and place you thumb directly on the screen. Your partner will see a fingerprint on their phone and when they place their thumb against it, both of your screens will vibrate and flash red. It’s totally cheesy – and totally awesome.



Share pictures, lists, a common calendar, and the adorable “thumbkiss” with your boo on @CoupleApp


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