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Today’s Killer Startup: Charlie Is Your New Secret Weapon

Today’s Killer Startup: Charlie

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Elevator Pitch

Charlie goes through hundreds of online sources to create a one-pager about anyone you’re going to meet with – before you meet them.


Why It’s A Killer Startup

I’m part of the team of a startup that was in the San Francisco accelerator Matter. Before our first demo day in San Francisco, I spent hours looking up information on all of the guests who were registered to visit. I wanted to make sure that our whole team knew who the important investors were, as well as a few facts we could talk about with them.


If our demo day were tomorrow instead of half a year ago, I would use the Charlie App to do all of that for me.


According to the homepage, Charlie saves an average of 57 Google searches before every meeting. For time-strapped entrepreneurs, those 57 minutes can mean the difference between showing up fully prepared to a meeting and showing up not knowing anything at all. Let’s be real – those searches are probably going to be the last thing on most people’s to-do lists.


Some of the biggest names in tech have already started utilizing Charlie; their site boasts testimonials from people at Ogilvy, Groupon, and Hootsuite. Luckily for you, Charlie is free, which means that even a bootstrapping founder can have access to the same information and show up with the same level of preparation as the head of a multibillion dollar company.


Basically, you have no excuse for showing up to meetings unprepared, from here on out. Whether you have a demo day, a meeting with a potential investor, or you’re trying to bring more partners on board – get Charlie on it.



Your new secret weapon: @AppCharlie will tell you everything you need to know about everyone you SHOULD know


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Author : Emma McGowan

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