Today’s Killer Startup: Your Mac Audio Has Never Sounded This Good

Today’s Killer Startup: Boom 2




Elevator Pitch

Boom 2 is a volume booster and equalizer that will make all of the audio coming out of your Mac sound better.


Why It’s A Killer Startup

I listen to music all day every day – it’s an essential survival element when your “office” is a coffee shop on Monday, a coworking space on Tuesday, and your dining room table the next day. My music of choice is usually in the house family; what we used to call “electronica” before this latest generation of youngsters took it over and renamed it EDM or whatever.


Anyway, cranky old person rant aside, my point is that it’s the type of music that really should be listened to on world class sound systems in clubs. It’s the kind of music that should not be listened to through crappy earbuds on your 11” MacBook Air and yet that’s exactly what I do, every single day.


Boom 2 can’t make up for the fact that my Mac is not the speakers at Club Stereo in Montreal but it does make everything sound so, so much better. The app automatically calibrates itself to your computer but it also comes with built in customizable features. That means if you really wanna feel that bass drop, you are gonna feel that bass drop hard.


I even expropriated my boyfriend’s Bose noise canceling headphones to give them a true test and Oh. My. God. I could actually feel the music and the difference between the Boom and no Boom audio experience was undeniable.


I’m sold.


Boom 2 is available for anyone with a Mac who has Yosemite installed. They have a couple of different prices, depending on your needs, so head over and check out what best suits you. Trust me – it’s worth it.



Audio on your Mac has never sounded this good. @boomapp


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Boom 2 | Nickolai Kashirin