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Today’s Killer Startup: A Productivity App That Puts Your Priorities Front And Center

Today’s Killer Startup: ActionAlly





Elevator Pitch

ActionAlly is a productivity app that helps you clarify your most important tasks and stay focused on completing them throughout the day.


Why It’s A Killer Startup

Because there are way too many distractions.


Confession: I spent about 15 minutes scrolling through Facebook and checking all of my other open tabs after I set up the format for this post, before I started writing. I’d originally just gone back to re-read the press release that ActionAlly founder Nick Hajal sent me but got distracted by that little number notification in the Facebook tab. I’ve previously used both RescueTime and Kill Facebook Newsfeed, but I don’t have either of them on right now.


And that is exactly why ActionAlly is a killer startup.


ActionAlly detects when your computer turns on or becomes active and presents a panel overlay on top of whatever else is open on your screen. That panel includes your top few most important tasks of the day, getting them out in front of you before you have the chance to get distracted by Facebook or Gmail or whichever Buzzfeed video your best friend just sent over.


“Most solutions out there to encourage productivity either block websites or track wasted time – neither of which actually make getting started on important work easier,” said Nick in the aforementioned press release. “They just make getting distracted harder.”


ActionAlly takes a different approach to productivity by focusing on helping entrepreneurs, writers, artists and other people who are self-employed and find themselves falling into the work-all-the-time-or-feel-guilty shame cycle but can’t figure out how to get going by putting the most important tasks front and center. Rather than working 24/7, people can feel and be productive by tackling the tasks on their ActionAlly list.


ActionAlly app also pops up at the end of every day to ask the user which tasks they need to complete the next day and also why those specific tasks are important. It’s basically a way to make sure that priorities stay priorities, no matter what distractions try to get in the way.



Make your priorities stay priorities. no matter what distractions try to get in the way, with #ActionAlly @NickyHajal


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Author : Emma McGowan

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