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Find The Best Tourist Attractions And Research New Destinations With The KFN Travel Guide



Most of us don’t need help recognizing iconic tourist attractions like the Eiffel Tower or the pyramids of Egypt. It’s a big world though, filled with wondrous places to visit and things to do, and it would be a shame to miss opportunities under our noses or perhaps slightly off the radar. KFN Travel Guide hopes to connect travelers with the best tourist attractions around the globe.





The KFN Travel Guide introduces travelers to new places and local attractions with pictures, interactive maps, and information. The young site offers fresh snapshots of global destinations, and aspires to become an all-in-one travel site.


See The World Anew

The armchair tourist can can keep the fires to explore burning finding out about lesser known places and sights of interest such the Tirana Clock Tower in Albania or the Malacanang Palace in Manila, Philippines. Who knew there’s a castle along the Saint Lawrence River in New York?


The geographically-oriented can research travel destinations with a location search. KFN Travel Guide also allows visitors to search the world according to types of attraction. This feature makes it easy to compare destinations by common areas of interest – beaches, museums, restaurants, gardens, or landmark buildings. There’s also potential to plan a trip around less obvious attractions – city gates, Ferris wheels, bridges, or windmills.





Access to quirky curations distinguishes KFN Travel Guide from other travel sites. Seldom seen search categories include, “Clock Tower,” Lighthouse,” “Marketplace,” “Tomb,” “War Memorial,” and “Wharf.”


A Bridge to Beauty

A click on the Victoria Falls Bridge for example, opens a picture of the breathtaking falls. The website then provides the location of the bridge, an interactive Google map, a Wikipedia excerpt detailing the attraction and offering some history. Just underneath, there’s a collection of other bridges to peruse.





For those of us always in danger of falling down the rabbit hole when researching travel, KFN Travel Guide keeps a log of recently viewed attractions, which makes it easy to review things quickly forgotten in the rapture of possibilities. If you start by trying to locate a zoo in Australia and three hours later you’re planning a hike up Camelback mountain in Phoenix, Arizona, KFN Travel Guide will remind you of what you were interested in in the first place.


KFN Travel Guide takes its name from the initials of its founder, Kutbuddin F Narpurawala. Narpurawala is the owner of KFN Solutions, based in Kuwait. He’s also the developer behind the flight search application, KFN Fare Compare. Narpurawala welcomes tourist feedback and is hard at work to make KFN Travel Guide as useful as possible. Currently the site also allows for hotel searches, and keep an eye out for added features. If you think an attraction is missing, have questions or comments, submit your input here.




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