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How much would you be willing to pay to ask an expert in any field a question at any time? Maybe soon there’ll be a philosopher or an economist working for who would like to take a stab at the answer? Maybe the $25 million of Series A funding Pearl raised recently–including investments from Glynn Capital and The Charles Schwab–has already told us.
 is an online platform for seeking professional answers to your questions. Formerly, the website allows users to fire away their questions 24/7.  We covered Just Answer back in 2007, because we could already tell they were going to be a Killer Startup.


Pearl is somewhat like a modern version of the radio call-in program, only it’s an Internet-based forum and answers come from experts, at a price.


Have one-on-one conversations just like you would during face-to-face consultations, but at a much lower cost. Well, that depends on how complicated your question is, or how urgent your need for interrogatory gratification. Pearl has two payment models: 1) Pay-Per-Question, and 2) Pearl Unlimited (the ability to ask multiple questions on the site for a monthly or other-period recurring fee). Prices begin at $15, but vary by profession.



Good News

When Mom, Wikipedia and other gemstones fail to yield the truth, you can have your burning question answered at Pearl in an average response time of under 7.5 minutes. Here are the different professionals you can pose questions to:


  • Doctor
  • Lawyer
  • Mechanic
  • Veterinarian
  • Computer Technician
  • Electronics Pro
  • Home Repair Pro
  • Life Professional


Pearl’s forum might just represent that idea whose time has come. The site has drawn over 10.5 million unique monthly visitors. Users submit 250, 000 questions per month. Since 2008, the company’s revenues have grown yearly by 123%. Annual revenue now tops $100 million. Pearl operates in close to 200 countries in 4 languages. People are so thirsty for answers that the company has expanded to more than 140 full-time employees and looks to increase both the number of professionals ready to answer questions and the categories in which it will field questions.




The site is not a substitute for 9-1-1. If you have an emergency, is not where you need to ask for help. Questions are meant to be more of the general information sort and less of a personal nature. If you find yourself sitting on your snowmobile in the neighbors’ living room with a brisk wind at your back, you’ll want a personal attorney instead of a Pearl professional.


There are a lot of stipulations under the terms and services. How many? I wasn’t ready to pay with my time for the answers.



When will vintners, astronauts, and volcanologists become available to take my calls? (Probably never or at a very stiff price if I continue on like this). Maybe they’re already online. The site claims to have nearly 300 verified professionals fielding questions.


If you’re not satisfied with the answer, you have the option to continue the conversation. The Pearl Promise pledges a great, 100% satisfactory experience. If the site falls short and you let them know within 30 days of payment, they’ll “make it right or give your money back.” Does the Internet have its own version of a modern day Delphi? Perhaps Pearl has the answer.


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Author : Keith Liles

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