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Why The Courtroom Is Exactly The Place App Makers Should Hope To Go

Tech trends happen for good reasons. A lot of people try to solve similar problems or take advantage of new opportunities. I see a lot of productivity tools these days. At times, it feels like everyone is out to reinvent email or to make mobile advertising easier.



Nothing against these trends, but sometimes the startups clamoring for attention in the same space start to blur together. My brain and senses crave seeing something that I’ve never seen before. It’s been almost a year, but KeepTruckin continues to log miles around my cerebral cortex because it’s the only startup I can remember setting out to modernize the trucking industry and make drivers’ lives easier.


Can You Handle the Truth?

So JuryAce earns this week’s Best In Beta distinction for likewise venturing into an overlooked space in original fashion. Maybe it’s taken for granted that lawyers have all the resources they need (or maybe there’s a general aversion to helping lawyers out. Working with them means something bad has happened after all, right?) Regardless, this is hardly the case (ha, geddit?).




JuryAce leaps into the courtroom to help manage the jury selection process. The jury selection app assists everyone involved – trial lawyers, district attorneys, and trial consultants. JuryAce eases collaboration, organizes information, and streamlines the workflow of this complicated and extremely important process.


The startup doesn’t so much reinvent any wheels as it does adapt a vehicle to perfectly suit the terrain terrain, the jurors’ bench in this case. I’m guessing that this path is harder to find than most, or that the potential larger marketplace of broader solutions attracts more developers. But it’s the specificity of JuryAce that I find so brilliant.


Underneath, I hear echoes of other project management tools or collaboration tools, but the platform presents itself as entirely different. Courtroom maps, records of potential juror responses, questionnaire builders, information collecting from public records, candidate ratings – the app tailors itself to fit the jury selection process.


Question: so many tech solutions tout how their solution can be customized to fit individual needs, but why don’t they spare customers the trouble and make a custom tool to begin with?


Have a look at JuryAce. I see a future verdict in the startup’s favor and a precedent being set for other app makers.



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