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Jukebox SMS Virtual Jukebox Is Mobile Music Content For Your Customers And Money In Your Pocket



For me, music is one of the most important things when it comes to creating the perfect environment – whether I’m at work, eating in a restaurant or out shopping. But what if you could get paid for the music you play to your customers? Not a bad idea, right? That’s why the team over at Jukebox SMS has created a virtual jukebox platform to do just that.


The Jukebox in the cloud

So here’s the deal. You customize your own jukebox with the music you want to play on your HD flat screen. Your customers decide what music they want to hear by texting a simple SMS with the song number, or putting in an order on your own mobile web page. After that, you get all the revenue. Boom.





The five steps to rocking out:

  1. Create an account at Audiobox and upload your songs.
  2. Obtain an SMS shortcode and keyword from an SMS-gateway provider
  3. Create your account at Jukebox SMS and log in
  4. Configure your jukebox in the Jukebox SMS back office
  5. Obtain all licenses for playing music, start your jukebox and earn money (See site’s FAQ)


Want more reasons to start your Jukebox journey?

1. Set up in over 60 countries

Jukebox SMS has predefined SMS gateways that support over 60 countries, so your country (unless you live in, I don’t know Tuvalu) is probably supported.


2. Advertise your product

Jukebox SMS has a built-in digital signage system that let’s you advertise your product while your customers rock out to your awesome music.





3. The HD experience

The Jukebox is specially made for HD (with either 1920×1080 (full HD) or 1280×720) to enhance your customers’ experience.


4. You’re in control

You get to customize the music played and load whatever suits your fancy. You want to change the songs? That can be done in minutes. Your bar, restaurant, what have you, will be jamming in no time.


5. You even get your own mobile web page

Once you sign up, Jukebox gives you your own mobile web page where your customers can visit and order songs to be played in your rockstar establishment. Customers can pay for songs either by SMS or PayPal.


6. No software installation necessary

The only thing you need is an account to log in and you can launch Jukebox straight from your browser.





If you’re a (cool) business owner, you probably already play great music to create happy customers. So, why don’t you use Jukebox SMS to create a happy bank account for yourself as well? I don’t know about you, but that sounds like music to my ears.


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Author : Holly Hutton

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